Newborn photography workshop with the amazing Kelly Brown

I’ve had my photography business for five years now. I’m a professional photography trainer and mentor, a Craftsman in child portraiture and I have previously won the photographer of the year award with The Guild of Photographers. Yet if you’re a client of mine you’ll probably already know that I’m not one to rest on my laurels. i love training and love attending newborn photography workshop.

I’ve never sat back and thought that I knew all there is to know about newborn photography. I just love learning new photography techniques and tricks to make my photographs even better. 

I visit my mentor Damian McGillicuddy up in Chester every six weeks and have been doing so for 3 years now. It’s long old drive up there (the longest journey took me 9 hours once!) so the fact that I’ve stuck with it shows I’m very dedicated to my professional development! 

Ultimately all this mentoring and training helps me run a better photography studio for you, my lovely clients.

Last year I bagged myself a seat on a newborn photography workshop with the amazing Kelly Brown from Australia.

The workshop, unbelievably, sold out in 7 minutes! That’s 60 places gone in just 7 minutes! That shows what a huge figure she is in this industry. 

So the excitement has built over the months leading up to the workshop and then, last week, I finally got to have my training weekend with her. Now, Kelly has been on my bucket list to train with since I started newborn photography four years ago. 

She has been an absolute inspiration and I admit she’s been a photography crush of mine since I first watched her on creative live doing a talk on newborn photography. I have admired her amazing award-winning images from afar and so naturally jumped at this exclusive chance to meet her in person and benefit from her expertise while she was briefly in the UK.

So I packed my bags and headed to London to Russ Jacksons studio for the weekend. Wow! What a weekend it was. 

Kelly flew in from Australia the day before our workshop and managed to create some fab shots despite her jetlag! 

 We had three gorgeous newborn girls as models for the day and Kelly made posing them look like a breeze. 

While much of what was covered mirrored what I already do, I definitely picked up a few tips from the weekend which I plan to incorporate into my own sessions. I also met lots of lovely people on the workshop and Kelly even took us all out for dinner afterwards. It was a real hoot! 

Because I just love to evolve and grow as a photographer I will keep attending my mentoring sessions and training workshops. Hopefully you’ll see my photography evolving as a result.

Here’s a few photos from the workshop. They were posed by Kelly Brownphotographed by me. 

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Bye for now 

Karen x