Hey everyone,

Anyone who knows me would tell you that I’m not one to sit back and take it easy. In fact, I find it really hard to switch off from running my photography studio here in Dorset. This is why I just love attending photography training with the world’s best photographers.

If I’m not in the studio in Poole then I’m running around the countryside locally, scouting out fabulous locations for my outdoor photoshoots. It really is a full-time job juggling newborn photoshoots, lovely cake smashes sessions and family location photoshoots.

So occasionally I need some me time. And what better than a photography workshop to combine business with pleasure!

I often travel around the country to training sessions with some of the UK’s top photographers, clocking up thousands of miles a year. In fact my Mentor Damian McGillicuddy is a 500 mile round trip and I go to visit him every 8 weeks.

May half term I ventured even further afield and jetted off to the beautiful coast of Ireland to Ballyliffin in Donegal.

This sleepy little village on the Atlantic coast was host to one of the best-known storytelling photographers Elena Shumilova who is currently touring the world running workshops.

She creates wonderful storytelling images that evoke heart-warming emotions when you view them.  just adore her location photography.

The Workshop

The best part of the trip was that I took my family and my photography buddy Jacky with me. So we all got to enjoy the famous Irish hospitality! Special thanks must go to Brendan Diver for bringing Elena to such a fantastic part of the world!

Lizzie, my much photographed daughter, was a last minute model for Elena as one of the models dropped out. I can now fully sympathise when it comes to choosing your children’s clothes for a photoshoot – I went into a flat spin!

I am so very proud of Lizzie though. There was no moaning or complaining and she modelled for two whole days for lots and lots of different photographers and she totally rocked it. She was relaxed and happy, she got to hold some amazing owls and ride an Icelandic pony. She loved being centre of attention, and I have some fantastic portraits of her from world class photographers. Happy mummy!

Two fantastic days in this beautiful area, with its deserted sandy beaches and wonderful countryside, with photographers from all over the world left me feeling inspired. It was a fantastic way to recharge those creative batteries and I loved every second of it.

I cant wait to see where my photography journey will lead me. Perhaps next year even further afield – somewhere warm would be nice!

I confess I’m a training junky! I’m blessed to be able to work doing something I really love, and hope to continue doing so for a good many years yet.

Bye for now and enjoy the summer 🙂

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