It perhaps doesn’t feel very long since you welcomed your baby into the world. Then, before you know it, they are six months old already and have changed beyond all recognition. Seem familiar?

Well, this is exactly why many parents choose to come to me for a studio portrait session with their six month old baby; to capture that adorable stage in their development that is unique to that half-year milestone.

A six month old is a joy to photograph. No longer a sleepy newborn bundle but a proper little person, with gorgeous squidgy bodies and eyes wide in wonder! I will present them with various toys in a ploy to capture their best smile and it’s a real joy to see their happy faces beam with delight.

For a six month photo shoot I would recommend bringing an outfit for your baby to wear (keep it simple, try to co-ordinate colours and avoid logos, character T-shirts etc. that may date the photographs), as well as any personal items that you may wish me to include, such as their favourite teddy bear.

I can provide a large selection of adorable hats, colourful blankets and props such as baskets, boxes, suitcases and I’ve even got an old Victorian-style miniature bath which they can be photographed in. Or we can keep it simple and just let baby dictate the pace and style of the shoot, and pick out props themselves!

Ultimately the best photos are those where baby is relaxed and happy.

If you are coming to me for a six month photo shoot sometime soon, I can’t wait to see you and your baby. In the photos, I will endeavour to let their unique personality shine through and capture them at their gorgeous half-year best!

your baby