I’ve been a huge fan of Mii-Estilo maternity gowns for some time now. So I’m thrilled to be able to tell you that I have become a UK Ambassador of the Mii-Estilo brand!

This is a huge deal for me. It’s a bit of a dream come true!

Ingrid, the Dutch designer at Mii-Estilo, is an amazing, and well-respected maternity fashion designer. She’s like the Gucci or Prada of maternity gowns.

She really understands how pregnant women want to look and feel in their maternity photoshoots. And in my opinion, Mii-Estilo maternity gowns are among the best in the world.

Pregnant lady in floaty tutu

The latest Mii-Estilo maternity gowns at KW Photography

I have bought several Mii-Estilo maternity gowns in the past year (and they aren’t cheap!).

But now, as a UK Ambassador to the brand, I’ll be receiving plenty of new dresses from her collections every season.

And I will be the very first maternity photographer in the UK to have access to her latest designs.

Maternity photoshoot in red dress

So, not only can you lovely mummies-to-be come and enjoy the wonderful and relaxing experience of a KW Photography maternity photoshoot.

You’ll now also get the chance to wear some of the very best, and most-recently launched, designs from her wonderful collection during your session!

They will make you feel absolutely fabulous, I guarantee!

Lifestyle maternity photoshoots

I first began using gowns from Mii-Estilo in July and August last year. I did a number of outdoor photoshoots with some beautiful mummies to be and I revealed the results of here.

Since then, the dresses have attracted a lot of interest and demand has been growing significantly for my maternity portraits.

I believe this is, in part, because I can now offer these beautiful, luxury gowns to my maternity clients.

Accentuating every beautiful bump and curve

Mii-Estilo dresses are designed to accentuate the beautiful curves of a pregnant woman’s body. They are super-flattering, since they provide great coverage, while still showing off your growing baby bump.

And what I especially love about the dresses are the fabulously vibrant colours.

They are also great fun to work with. The long trains on some of the designs look wonderful in the photographs (although can be a challenge in an outdoor shoot if there is a sudden gust of wind!)

Book your maternity photoshoot today

If you love the look of the Mii-Estilo maternity gowns (and who wouldn’t?) and are expecting a baby this year, call me today to secure a date for your very own maternity portrait session.

With the stunning range of dresses that I now have available in my studio, you’ll be certain that I’ll take some truly unique, elegant and fashionable portraits that will capture you and your baby bump in all its glory.

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