What to expect at your newborn photo shoot

Ahead of your newborn photoshoot, you may have questions in your mind about the logistics of the day and I hope to answer these here so that you can be prepared and as relaxed on the day as possible. I hope this is useful to find out what to expect.

I operate from my private home-based studio in Poole and dedicate up to four hours for a newborn shoot to allow time for all eventualities – after all, when working with babies I fully understand the need to expect the unexpected!

Within those four hours there is very little for you to do; apart from any feeding or nappy changing that’s required, I will do the rest. I will calm your baby and encourage him or her to relax (I have been called ‘the baby whisperer’ before!), and then setup various poses. Most often I photograph the babies sleeping but not all babies are sleepy so I can also photograph them awake – it completely depends on what happens on the day!

I will take lots of photos and pose your baby in many different ways, with and without props, to ensure I capture a good range which you can choose from later. Parents and siblings can also be photographed with baby if you wish.

I have loads of adorable props such as hats and headbands as well as blankets, baskets and hat boxes which the baby can be positioned in, and I will pick a few to use throughout the shoot. You are also very welcome to bring along any personal items that you would like me to incorporate into the photos. In the past parents have brought in musical instruments and sporting equipment for example, and I always do my best to include these where possible.

At my studio I have tea/coffee facilities for the parents as well as a changing mat and breastfeeding pillow which you are welcome to use.

After the shoot I will create a private online gallery where you can preview the photographs and then select the images you would like to buy. You can choose either a digital package – the final edited photos are supplied to you on a CD – or you can choose from a range of canvas or framed prints (see my website for prices).

And then that’s it – you’ll be in possession of some gorgeous newborn photos which I hope you’ll be desperate to have up at home and to share with friends and family. Don’t forget that they also make great gifts too. Enjoy!

what to expect