I’m really excited to share the news that I have completed a major revamp of the KW Photography studio!

I started my portrait photography business almost seven years ago now, and I’ve always loved the space I had. But, for a while now, I’ve been considering changing things around a little. And this year I decided to go for it!

So, after a LOT of hard work over the past few weeks (although it feels like longer), finally, I’ve got a larger studio space – yippee!

A newly extended studio space

I’ve had my head down this past month or so getting the hard work done.

Even with a team of helpers, it proved to be a lot of work and more complex than I had anticipated (aren’t these things always?!).

But at least I didn’t need to extend. It was just a case of knocking down a partition to extend the overall space, and to re-home a lot of stuff that had been stashed away in what was the former storage area.

The new KW Photography studio can be seen in all it’s glory in this video

Three ways the new KW Photography studio is a game-changer

Having the extra space in the studio will dramatically change things for me as I go about my day-to-day work. I’m already feeling the benefit, as I’ve squeezed in a couple of sessions since it was all completed .

But it will also enhance and improve things for you, too.

  1. More streamlined, quicker sessions

My signature newborn sessions can take up to four hours to achieve a variety of images incorporating different setups, props and poses.

Before the extension, I had space for just one setup. Now I’ve got loads more space! I can have two or more newborn setups in place at any one time. Which means I can achieve the same photos in less time.

Rather than have to stop and change the backdrops, cushions and props during a session, I can simply transition over to the second setup and start taking photos. I think you’re going to love how much time this saves!

  1. A more comfortable experience

The larger space in the photography studio also means that I can offer you a more spacious, dedicated area to relax in while I photograph your little one(s).

As before, you’ll find that I have comfy chairs as well as refreshments on tap so that you can really get cosy and enjoy the experience, while I get to work. But the more open-plan layout now means there’s plenty of room to feed your baby, stretch your legs and room to stash your bags and other belongings.

More space and dedicated areas for all my photography equipment, props and child and maternity clothing mean that everything has a home now too. So, while this is mainly a benefit for me, you’ll also find the studio to be tidier than it’s ever been before!

  1. More inspiration for your own wall art

In the new studio, you’re also now able to view a larger selection of wall art.

Hung on the walls of the KW Photography studio are examples of the photo products you can buy from me after your session, once you have chosen your favourite images from the photoshoot.

Look out for the new circular birch orbs – these are proving really popular and are so different to anything you may have seen elsewhere before!

Most of my clients buy photo products from me along side the digital images.

Having your photos professionally printed and mounted on your walls at home is, I think, the best way to enjoy the photographs. With digital files on a USB, there is a risk that the images never see the light of day!

NEW! Private gallery viewing sessions

Which is why I’m also now offering private viewing sessions for clients who would like help with making their final image selections and wall art purchases.

I can consult you, based on my years of experience as a photographer and my 20+ years of experience in the professional print industry.

I can help you to make a decision about which images to have created into stunning wall art that will suit your home and space where you’re intending to hang the pictures.

If you’d like to book a private gallery viewing appointment – which would take place at my photography studio a couple of weeks after your photoshoot – we can agree a date and time for this when you visit for your session.

So, come and visit me in the new KW Photography studio!

If you’ve got a photoshoot booked in with me soon, you’re going to be among the first to see the new studio space – lucky you! I can’t wait to hear what you think.

If you haven’t but have been meaning to book in, do contact me today and secure your slot.

I’ve got a very busy diary in the next few months – Spring is always a notoriously busy time. As well as working in my new studio space, I’ll be starting my popular bluebell woods photoshoots very soon, so please book ASAP to avoid disappointment. I really hate having to turn people away!

You can either call me on 07749270431 or complete this contact form to make an enquiry.