lucky the duck

Lucky the Duck Newborn Photoshoot

I am always one to take on a new challenge I try to never shy away from tricky photo shoots. Sometimes I get some very strange Newborn photoshoot requests, from weird and wonderful props to can I bring my Duck?!? Well of course I said yes! , and i was delighted to meet lucky the duck our adorable little feathered duckling. This duck is just a fluffy bundle of gorgeousness, i really wanted to keep him or her ( I’m not actually sure!)

Never one to shy away from the challenge I invited Lucky the Duck to the studio in Poole with his grown-up helper 5-month-old Edie. Edie was super cute herself in a fluffy yellow tutu to compliment the duckling’s downy feathers. The pair of them got along just great!

Well, Lucky the newborn Duck just a few days old was a pro….He/she enjoyed their photoshoot especially enjoyed the cuddle with the photographer 😀

lucky the duck

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to photograph this bundle of fluff, so much fun was had when the duck came for its baby photoshoot. I mean how fantastic it is to welcome this cute duckling into the studio. I was quite worried it was going to get really messy but actually, we got away with the minimal mess from the duck and baby. The session took about 30 mins and we made sure the bird wasn’t stressed out at all during the session. In fact, quite the reverse happened! We managed to find some perfect friends for the duckling with the little bath ducks to keep him company, he preferred to cuddle up with me in the barrel of my lens. I wonder if id be allowed to keep him? Im not sure my two dogs would appreciate this fluffy newborn as a friend.

Bye for now

Karen x