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What to expect from a pregnancy photoshoot in Dorset with Karen Wiltshire Photography

What can you expect from a pregnancy photoshoot with me? Well, if you’re a mum-to-be considering a maternity session, keep reading to find out.

I'm an award-winning Dorset maternity photographer and have worked with many lovely expecting ladies over the years.

maternity photos
Beautiful baby bump

Will you choose an indoor or outdoor maternity photoshoot?

While I have a custom-designed photography studio in Poole and I love to do indoor, studio-based maternity sessions, I also adore going on location in and around Dorset with my maternity clients.

The type of pregnancy photoshoot you choose will likely be dictated by the time of year and the weather.

My outdoor maternity photoshoots are available almost all year round. It’s only in the winter that I generally don’t shoot maternity outdoors. I imagine you’d rather be in the warmth and comfort of the studio at that time of year!

Naturally, when the weather is good, my outdoor maternity sessions are very popular, and it’s clear why. Open space and a natural setting are lovely to have as a photoshoot backdrop.

maternity photos
Beach bump time

Pregnancy photoshoot portraits: Examples through the seasons

To inspire you on what’s possible in the season that you’re expecting your baby, here’s an overview of what each season offers in terms of flora and fauna.

Spring pregnancy photoshoots

Everything outdoors starts to come alive from April onwards, so if you’re expecting your baby in the spring then an outdoor pregnancy photoshoot is possible among the bluebells, daffodils or delicate blossoms. 

From May, colour flowers like azaleas and rhododendrons also start to bloom and the greenery fills out which looks wonderful in the photos.

Summer pregnancy photoshoots

Summer (hopefully) brings with it warmer weather and longer, lighter evenings. This is the time of year when I love to get out and about with maternity clients and their families either on the beach or in the local woodlands.

‘Golden hour’ in the early evenings is a great time for photos and, if we’re lucky, we can include the setting sun in the portraits.

Around May/June, wildflowers come into their own. I know of local poppy and rapeseed fields that we can visit. Slightly later, around June/July, we could seek out patches of long summer grasses.

Then, in August/September, sunflowers add some vibrant colour and drama to outdoor maternity portraits. Lavender is lovely in Summer too, although sadly there aren’t any lavender fields in Dorset. Since we have so much else to enjoy though, let’s not worry about that!

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Dorset maternity photographer
Maternity sunset

Autumn pregnancy photoshoots

Autumn is a beautiful time for outdoor photos too and is probably my favourite time of year to shoot outdoors actually.

The colours are gorgeous; fiery reds, burnt oranges and bright yellows. Leaves are falling and there’s a carpet of colour on the ground. The light is also soft and warm, and the temperature is generally still pleasant so you shouldn’t feel a chill either.

I know some lovely locations in and around Poole and Bournemouth where it’s stunning in autumn time, as shown in these examples.

If you’re expecting your baby in autumn, just imagine it! This could be you!

Pregnant lady photoshoot in the new forest
Beautiful Autumnal Bump photoshoot

Winter pregnancy photoshoots

Unless we’re having a particularly mild winter, or you’re feeling brave (!), during the winter all maternity sessions are done in my photography studio in Broadstone, Poole.

Indoors, I use flattering studio lights and a variety of neutral printed backdrops to create flattering maternity portraits such as those shown here.

Pregnant lady
How serene

Other things you should know about my maternity portrait sessions

So, I hope that was useful as a guide to what you can expect from a pregnancy photoshoot throughout the seasons of the year.

If you opt for an outdoor pregnancy photoshoot, we can visit a location of your choice or I can suggest somewhere, and we can achieve a good range of photographs from just one location. 

Oh, and in case you’re wondering, I can advise you on what to wear – it’s all part of the service. I can also provide a selection of beautiful maternity photoshoot dresses. You’re welcome to pick whichever one takes your fancy and borrow it for the duration of the shoot. These are luxury designer maternity gowns that will make you feel amazing and that look stunning on everyone! 

Ready to book your outdoor pregnancy photoshoot?

I really enjoy maternity photoshoots, and just love to help excited mums-to-be in those final weeks of their pregnancy by creating beautiful portraits for them to treasure.

If you like the bump photos you see here and are expecting in the next few months, do get in touch to enquire or make a booking so that I can create the same for you!

maternity portrait

Maternity portraits: Exciting collaboration with European maternity fashion designer

Maternity Portraits

I don’t get a lot of spare time, particularly during the summer holidays when I have been juggling the care of my two children with a busy photography business, but last week I did get a day off!

I used it wisely. I escaped the studio and got out and about to do some experimental maternity portraits, along with my friend and fellow photographer, Gary Hill.

in the news

As you may know, maternity portrait photography is one of my core services and I love taking photos of gorgeous mummies-to-be.

Photographing a woman in her final stages of pregnancy is truly special.

The pregnancy ‘glow’ and the fully rounded tummy make for stunning portraits.

My maternity clients tell me that they love looking back on their pregnancy photos, long after their babies have been born.

Developing my portfolio of maternity portraits

So, in a bid to continue developing my portfolio of maternity portraits I took a day out recently with some beautiful pregnant ladies.

I recently collaborated with the amazing European maternity fashion designer, Mii-Estilo, and I had some of her gorgeous gowns for my maternity models to wear.

Designer maternity dresses

Based in the Netherlands, Ingrid of Mii-Estilo creates the most stunning maternity dresses. They accentuate every gorgeous baby bump and curve and come in the most flattering colours and designs.

I literally have fallen in love with her dresses, and so was thrilled to be able to use a number of them for my test shoots. I even got to use some of the dresses from her latest collection!

The gowns I used came in the most striking colours, for example, this rich red wine hue of this ‘Bordeaux Red Bellis’ Dress. It had an extra-long train – which I just loved too!

Experimenting with light and working in all weathers!

I took photos of my models in the forest and at the beach, to get a variety of shots.

The weather and the lighting were certainly a challenge! I battled strong winds and bright sunshine to get these great maternity portraits.

But that was the whole point of the day really. I had wanted to try photographing the ladies in difficult circumstances; at the times of the day when the natural light was harsh and therefore most challenging to work with, and in all weathers.

In this lovely beach shot, it was dark and spitting with rain so I think Beth did an amazing job!

maternity portrait

In this one, this beautiful lady braved the gorse which was super prickly too!

And in this one, the sun was really bright but this portrait worked out brilliantly.

I’m thrilled to share the results of those test shoots with you here. I thoroughly enjoyed the day (big thanks to my lovely models Lindsey, Sarah, Beth and Kimberley), and I am absolutely delighted with the maternity portraits I took.

Which is your favourite? Do let me know in the comments!