springtime photoshoot

Interested in a Spring photoshoot in Dorset?

The changing seasons mean that now’s a great time to book a spring photoshoot in Dorset with me.

Spring is my favourite time of year because the beautiful flowers that emerge are always an absolute delight.

Daffodils, tulips, bluebells, snowdrops, and blossoms all create a stunning backdrop for outdoor portraits, and they look amazing whether photographed in the morning or at dusk. A photographer’s dream!

spring photoshoot in Dorset

Timeless outdoor portraits among the spring flowers

Around about now, in early spring, vibrant yellow daffodils and delicate white snowdrops come into bloom. Blossoms are also starting to appear. These pretty pastel flowers are lovely to feature in your family portraits.

Bluebell sessions

Later in the Spring, usually around April/early May, colourful tulips and beautiful bluebells then begin to emerge.

Sadly, many of my favourite spots for bluebells here in Dorset closed last year and won’t be reopening this spring. The crop was so damaged by people who didn’t stick to the pathways. It’s such a shame! Hopefully though, in time, the crop will regrow to its former glory.

There are still some lovely patches of bluebells around though, so I do still hope to be able to offer bluebell woods sessions this spring.

If you’re particularly interested in a bluebell shoot, get in touch. I’ll add you to my waitlist and I’ll keep you posted when I know where the best places are this year.

Bluebell photoshoot Dorset

Spring family photoshoot locations in Dorset

Every year, I scout out new locations to take my clients for outdoor portraits among the spring flowers, and this year will be no different. I always manage to discover some wonderful new places, literally bursting with colour!

An example from a few years ago would be this field of vibrant yellow rapeseed that my friend Jackie and I came across one evening. Here’s my daughter Lizzie (looking a lot younger than she is now) among them in the gorgeous golden light, just before sunset.

It was a beautiful location for my spring family photoshoots that year, and I returned with clients often.

spring photoshoot in Dorset

Why book a spring photoshoot?

There are so many reasons to book a spring family photoshoot with me this year – whether you choose a spring family photoshoot or an outdoor maternity photoshoot.

  1. For one thing, it’s always nice to get outdoors, particularly after a long cold winter.
  2. Another reason is that you can enjoy the beauty of the emerging spring flowers while also having some fun as a family. If it’s a maternity photoshoot that you’re interested in, you can enjoy some peace and tranquillity in beautiful surroundings before your baby arrives.
  3. Plus, you’ll be able to update your photo albums with your new springtime portraits or get some beautiful new artwork onto your walls at home.

Since time passes quickly and children grow and change so fast, even if you had a family shoot a few years ago, wouldn’t be nice to get some updated portraits now the kids have grown?

Dorset childrens photographer

What happens during a spring family photoshoot?

All my spring outdoor photoshoots are held at locations within Dorset. I’ll make a recommendation nearer the time based on the flowers that I know are in bloom there.

It’s suitable for up to 5 people and lasts around 1-2 hours.

I’ll take care of everything. As well as sourcing the location, I’ll guide you on how to interact and pose for the camera on the day.

I’ll encourage you to relax and simply enjoy the time together and, while you do, I’ll capture a variety of individual and group photos.

springtime photoshoot

Spring photoshoot outfit ideas

I will help by giving you ideas and recommendations on what to wear to your spring photoshoot.

Mummies and daughters are also welcome to use any of my princess-style dresses. I have them in many gorgeous pastel shades that complement the stunning colours of the blossom and bluebells, making them ideal for outdoor portraits among the spring flowers.

Aren’t they fabulous?!

I also have some cute outfits for little boys and accessories that I can bring along too.

dorset photography

Book your Spring photoshoot in Dorset today

Both outdoor family portrait sessions and outdoor pregnancy sessions are available this spring, but slots are limited.

The flowers don’t stay at their best for long, so if you’d like a spring family photoshoot or an outdoor maternity session, please don’t delay in booking!

Take a look around the website for details of my prices and packages, then contact me to book.

I’d love to capture portraits of you and your family this year. I guarantee you won’t regret taking some time to be photographed together among the spring flowers – they really are beautiful!

Karen x

Bluebell woods portraits: It’s finally time!

Bluebell Photoshoot

Yay! So it’s nearly BLUEBELL photoshoot time!

I had an absolute blast last spring photographing so many gorgeous families among the beautiful bluebell woods. And with bluebell season fast approaching, I’m getting SO excited.

I literally CAN NOT WAIT to get started on this year’s bluebell photoshoots!

Bluebell woods portraits in Dorset

I’m planning to be doing my outdoor lifestyle photoshoots in the local bluebell woods from mid-April onwards when the flowers look their best and are at their most vibrant.

I’ll be visiting my favourite bluebell photoshoot locations but I’ve been busy scouting out new ones in these past weeks too.

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Natural portraits among the bluebell woods

Over the past few years of taking bluebell woods portraits, I have perfected my technique of capturing stunning family photos, like these, among the carpet of delicate blue flowers.

And I’ve mastered it, not only in the day but at dawn and dusk as well, as these pictures show!

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Anyone who has tried to take a snapshot among the bluebell woods will know that it isn’t easy to achieve photos like these, which is why it’s worth hiring a professional.

Working with the natural and low-light conditions of the woods is a skill I have mastered over the years. And, in keeping with my photography style, I can engage with children of all ages and keep them relaxed and comfortable throughout the shoot, so that the bluebell woods portraits I take are natural and, most importantly, as you like them.

Book your bluebell woods photoshoot today

The bluebell season lasts just six weeks and, based on the popularity of these sessions last year, I know that it won’t be long before I’m completely booked up. So, contact me as soon as possible to book in for your bluebell woods session.

Bookings have been coming in earlier each year. I took my first bluebell woods portrait booking in January and have had a flurry of enquiries in the last couple of weeks. So, don’t miss out! If you would like bluebell woods portraits of your family this spring, contact me today!

To book your session contact me on 07749 270431, email me at karenwiltshire@me.com or the contact form on my website.

My favourite bluebell woods portraits

And, prepare for a Facebook timeline full of images from this year’s bluebell sessions! I’ll be sharing some of my favourite bluebell woods portraits with you on the KW Photography Facebook page over the next few weeks!

Karen x

Seven things you may not expect of your professional portrait session

You’ve made the decision to have a professional portrait session. Great! And now you’ve selected your preferred photographer (hopefully me!). The date is all booked in your diary and you’re now looking ahead to having the portraits taken.

You’ve probably got an idea of how it will turn out (after all, you’ve done your research), and you’re already imagining the pictures taking pride of place on your walls or mantlepiece at home.

But, whether it’s a maternity, newbornolder baby or childfamilycake smash or outdoor lifestyle shoot that you’ve booked, the chances are that they’ll be some unexpected aspects of the experience. After all, you never can predict how things will go, especially if young children are involved!

In today’s blog, I’m revealing seven things that you’ll experience when hiring me for a professional portrait session that you may not have expected.

Surprising features of your professional portrait session with KW Photography

  1. In-depth guidance on what to expect and how to prepare

I realise that you may never have hired a photographer before, apart from your wedding photographer perhaps, unless you are a repeat customer of mine. So, it’s a new experience for you and you won’t necessarily know what to expect. And, if this is the case, don’t worry.

When you get in touch with me to book, I’ll send you all the information you’ll need in advance of your photoshoot. Plus, you can find extra information on my website, on the Frequently Asked Questions page, in my Newborn Photography Guide (if relevant to you) and within my blogs.

Clients often tell me that they hadn’t realised I would help them to prepare so well. But I do this because I’m committed to helping you feel as prepared as possible for your photoshoot. And, if you still have questions, then please don’t hesitate to ask – simply call me or drop me an email.

  1. Hands-on help with your newborn baby

If you’re having a newborn portrait session with me, once you’ve arrived and we’re ready to get started, I’ll settle your baby to sleep and position then safely for the photographs.

Some parents are surprised to learn that I do this and have expected that they’d need to do far more themselves during the session. But honestly, you should just sit back and relax.

My comfy Poole-based photography studio is spacious and welcoming, and there’s plenty of room for you to rest, put up your feet and enjoy the session. Take advantage of the soft seating, the complimentary drinks, flick through my portfolio brochures and look at the examples of art on the walls.

Or even feel free to even have a little doze if you wish, since you’ll almost certainly be a little sleep-deprived!

  1. Guidance on how to look your best for the photos

I believe that another important part of my job is to give you guidance and to make you feel at ease. My aim is to make you look your very best in the pictures, so I will direct you throughout the session.

If it’s a studio-based child or family session, I’ll use my experience of what works well to advise you on how to stand, sit or interact with the other members of your family.  Or if it’s a maternity session, I’ll guide you on how to pose in a way that’s flattering and elegant.

There’s nothing worse than not knowing how to stand, which way to look or what to do with your hands, I know. So, I take all that doubt away by giving you clear instructions. And we’ll be chatting away the whole time too, which will also help to distract and relax you.

When I’m photographing an outdoor lifestyle shoot though, I’ll be encouraging you to simply have fun. In these sessions, I may give you some direction but I’m more focused on capturing the natural moments, the smiles and the interactions that unfold.

  1. Tricks to get your baby to look to the camera

Of course, in a cake smash or a baby portrait session, young children don’t always take instruction! But, I have plenty of tricks up my sleeve that’ll encourage your little one to interact with the camera.

Again, my best tip for you would be to leave it to me – to be honest, if you wave your arms around or say their name, chances are they’ll look at you rather than me, so they won’t be looking into the camera.

During a baby session I am usually on the floor, singing nursery rhymes, using squeaky toys and rolling balls around the room – yes, I may look a bit mad at times! But these are tried and tested techniques for getting great photos, so I’d urge you to just go with it and leave me to it!

Remember, I’ve photographed hundreds of babies and young children over the years, so I know how to get the cooperation of even the most reluctant children!

  1. Poop happens!

When it comes to photographing newborn babies, you may also be surprised to discover babies often do poop or wee in my studio – either on me, on you or on the floor!

Many a time parents have looked at me in embarrassment and horror when their newborn baby does this for the first time, but honestly, there’s no need to worry!

I am fully prepared for life’s little accidents, and of course, it’s completely natural. Everything in my studio is washable, and I clean and sterilise everything I use in the studio before each session.

  1. Editing and refining your image gallery

When it comes to reviewing the portraits taken during your session, you’ll perhaps also be relieved to learn that I’ll do the hard work of whittling the hundred or so images I’ve taken, down into an edited gallery for you to choose from.

I select the images that are the best of the best, and then I spend time editing those pictures to achieve the final image gallery from your professional portrait session.

Wondering why professional photographers edit their photographs? I explain that here.

Parents are often surprised to realise how much work goes on behind the scenes and about the editing process. When I tell them it can sometimes take over an hour to edit each image, they tell me they didn’t realise!

Only once fully edited are the images ready for you to view. I will then send you a link to view your gallery or, if you’d prefer, you have the option of returning to my studio, where I have a dedicated area for viewing your portrait gallery on a large screen. This is the most exciting bit – the big reveal!

  1. Help with choosing your final images

A further, often unexpected benefit of hiring me is that I can help you to decide which are your favourite images from the final image gallery.

Choosing which images to purchase can be tough! It’s highly likely that you’ll love all of the images and will find it hard to select the ones you love the best. So, I can be there to guide you on your final selections if you did want some help with this.

It’s important for you to realise though, that I deliberately sit quietly while you view your gallery for the very first time. I don’t impose my preferences on you or make you buy images that you don’t want (or more than you want).

My sole aim with a viewing appointment is to help you choose your favourite images and to help you make the often-difficult decisions about which ones, and how, you’ll display in your home.

Initial reactions to the images are usually very telling, so I’ll be encouraging you to go with your gut and choose the images you love at first sight.

You’re now fully prepared for your professional portrait session!

So, there you have it. Seven things you may not have expected about your professional portrait session with me. I would love to know which of these surprised you the most? Do let me know in the comments below.

If you’ve yet to book but would like to, please complete this contact form. I look forward to hearing from you!

And if you know someone in Dorset, Hampshire or even further afield who may be interested in having professional portraits taken, please do share this article with them. Thank you!

Karen x

baby and child photography

Smile baby! Newborn, baby and child photography

Is there anything more adorable than a smiling baby?

Lucky for me, I get to meet so many gorgeous little ones in my job in  newborn, baby and child photography.

And since it was World Smile Day recently, I felt it fitting to collate a collection of some of my recent ‘smiley’ portraits for you to enjoy.

To sleep or not to sleep…

The majority of newborn babies I photograph are less than two weeks old. At that age, they typically spend up to 18 hours per day asleep.

So it’s no surprise then that they spend most of the photoshoot blissfully unaware of the flashing camera. Safely in the land of nod.

baby and child photography

But there are always a few cheeky ones!

Sometimes the babies I photograph just refuse to play ball. They’ll be wide awake and taking it all in. This is really lovely if it happens. It gives me the opportunity to capture some great open-eyed shots, like this.

Smile, smile, smile

And if I’m REALLY lucky, they’ll flash me a super-cute smile too!

Babies don’t usually smile before the six-week mark. Anything before that is an unconscious reflex, similar to the jerky arm and leg movements that they do in their first few weeks.

But if they do smile, it’s unbelievably cute! If I can capture any smiling shots for the parents, I always will. Seeing their baby’s smiling face for the very first time is just magic!

Natural smiles are the best!

Older babies, toddlers and young children also regularly give me the most adorable grins.

Unfortunately, as kids get older they learn to give the posed “cheeeeseeee” grins whenever a camera is presented in front of them. This isn’t so great, and it’s one of my daily challenges when working with toddlers and older children.

But capturing a natural smile, when the child’s eyes and entire face light up, is fantastic at any age.

I hope you enjoy the smiles! I love baby and child photography!

If you are expecting a baby and wish to discover more about my newborn photography sessions, visit my Frequently Asked Questions page as well as my Newborn Photography Guide here

Don’t forget to book as early as possible to secure your preferred date. Book around the time of your 20-week scan if possible. Slots do fill up fast!

Until next time,
Karen x

dorset children's photographer

A day in the life of a children's photographer - Pumpkin patch

A day in the life of a Dorset children’s photographer.

So, the sun is shining but there’s a little chill in the air. This can only mean one thing. That summer has passed and autumn is in full swing.

I love those late summer evenings with the golden glow of sunset, but I have to confess I really love autumn too. The colours and bright crisp days are great for a little location photography. Just wrap the kids up warm, hats, scarves and gloves, chunky jumpers, and wellies. It’s a kid’s dream! They love running in the leaves and splashing in puddles (I mean, who doesn’t? If only us grown-ups could get away with it) and generally being kids!

Today I headed off in search of a slightly different type of location. After a quick search on the internet, I found a great “Pick your own” pumpkin farm on the edge of the New Forest in Sopley.

What a great backdrop for a photoshoot and with half term and Halloween just around the corner, it seemed like a great opportunity to get some fun seasonal photos. We followed the pumpkin signs and found it fairly easily, pulled into the carpark, and Wow! Row upon row of pumpkins. It was a photographer’s dream. A photo opportunity around every pumpkin.

The boys had an absolute blast choosing the biggest and best pumpkin. The farm even supply little sledges for you fill with your finds.

Not content with just pumpkin picking, the boys decided to test out their wellies. This meant things were going to get very messy! Well, boys will be boys and I loved the fact that they had so much fun out in the fresh air on their photoshoot. We had plenty of lovely clean shots before the splashing started so mum was pretty relaxed about the mess.

Things quickly got even messier with all three boys enjoying the splashing fun.

We finished off the trip a lovely photo on the farm tractor. The boys had a fantastic photoshoot doing exactly what boys love doing, getting messy!

dorset children's photographer

If you’d like a lovely Autumnal location photoshoot then please get in touch (I promise puddle jumping doesn’t have to be included). What a great way to spend the day making memories with Dorset children’s photographer!

Bye for now

Karen x

Kids photoshoot Dorset

My top tips for photographing reluctant children

Have you ever tried to photograph a child who does NOT want to be photographed? (I presume you are nodding your head right now.)

Yes, it can be very difficult, for sure!

Photographing reluctant children

I have literally photographed thousands of children over the years and, believe me, not all of those have wanted to have their photo taken.

Delaying and avoidance tactics? You name it, I’ve seen it!

You could say that photographing reluctant children is a day to day occurrence for me.

Over the years I’ve developed lots of coping strategies for handling even the most resistant children.

I often see parents getting stressed when their child doesn’t cooperate during a photoshoot. But there really is no point.

I always get the shot I am after eventually. If you heed my tips below you will too!

My three top tips

1. Be prepared to wait

While it can take time to get reluctant children to cooperate, you’ll usually be rewarded for your perseverance and persistence.

Don’t rush the child or make them feel under pressure to perform to the camera.

As the saying goes, good things come to those who wait!

2. Let them explore the environment

Whether I’m photographing on location or in my photography studio, the setting is usually new to the child.

So I let the child get comfortable in the surroundings first, before attempting to take their portrait.

I also often pull out props for younger children to climb on – chairs, a rocking horse, or a toy car for example.

Kids photoshoot Dorset

Toys such as teddies and softballs are also good to distract a reluctant child.

If outdoors, encourage them to find sticks or leaves, and run around for a while to burn off some energy before you attempt to take their portrait.

Baby photographer Dorset

3. Make them laugh

If a young child is refusing to look at the camera or, worse, is crying or having a tantrum, I sing!

A quick rendition of ‘Row Row Row Your Boat’ or ‘If You’re Happy and You Know It’ usually induces a smile. Or at least a cursory glance.

And that’s despite my terrible singing voice!

Noisy toys – things that squeak, rattle or jingle – also work well to get them, at least, looking in the right direction.

Cute sitting baby girl in wooded bowl

lucky the duck

Lucky the Duck Newborn Photoshoot

I am always one to take on a new challenge I try to never shy away from tricky photo shoots. Sometimes I get some very strange Newborn photoshoot requests, from weird and wonderful props to can I bring my Duck?!? Well of course I said yes! , and i was delighted to meet lucky the duck our adorable little feathered duckling. This duck is just a fluffy bundle of gorgeousness, i really wanted to keep him or her ( I’m not actually sure!)

Never one to shy away from the challenge I invited Lucky the Duck to the studio in Poole with his grown-up helper 5-month-old Edie. Edie was super cute herself in a fluffy yellow tutu to compliment the duckling’s downy feathers. The pair of them got along just great!

Well, Lucky the newborn Duck just a few days old was a pro….He/she enjoyed their photoshoot especially enjoyed the cuddle with the photographer 😀

lucky the duck

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to photograph this bundle of fluff, so much fun was had when the duck came for its baby photoshoot. I mean how fantastic it is to welcome this cute duckling into the studio. I was quite worried it was going to get really messy but actually, we got away with the minimal mess from the duck and baby. The session took about 30 mins and we made sure the bird wasn’t stressed out at all during the session. In fact, quite the reverse happened! We managed to find some perfect friends for the duckling with the little bath ducks to keep him company, he preferred to cuddle up with me in the barrel of my lens. I wonder if id be allowed to keep him? Im not sure my two dogs would appreciate this fluffy newborn as a friend.

Bye for now

Karen x