It’s not very often that you get asked to photograph such an amazing event as a Birth story , but to be perfectly honest when Samira and Chris asked me to be there to photograph the birth story of their second child I wasn’t keen, to put it mildly. I had visions of being in the way and not coping with the emotionally charged situation, basically, I was convinced I would be a blubbering reck the moment the pain started.

Well thankfully as D day approached I really came around to the idea and was pretty excited when I had a message on a Wednesday night at around 9 pm say….”oh having twinges” My camera was packed, batteries charged and I was on the edge of my seat…..Waiting! And Waiting,  then nothing.

Samira was waiting and waiting, I was annoying her with messages trying to plan where I was going, just in case I was called into action, and still nothing. That baby was just too comfortable in there!

At 13 days over his due date Jack decided it was his moment to arrive, was i ready ….errrrr nope! Tea time in a busy house with 2 kids and a hubby who had just popped out for a couple of hours, and now he decided to start to arrive. Samira was sure that this was it and it was going too fast so bless her she said” Bring the kids” , hmmm not sure my 7 & 10-year-old were ready for that so thankfully a very lovely, trusted friend looked after my pair whilst i dashed to the Home Birth.

Well, I knew Samira was chilled out about the Birth,but she was so chilled that she had laid on Party Food! Awesome Lady thinking of us, tea and cadburys mini eggs to while away the minutes before the big event…yes really just minutes! I got there about 7 pm and Jack was born at 8.06 pm on Sunday the 2nd March 2014

I hope the photographs give a sense of the overwhelming Joy in the room. I felt honoured and privileged to be present.

Thank you Samira and Chris xx

baby boy being born