Those of you who’ve met me will know that I’m not someone who craves the limelight, but when I’ve something important to say I’m happy to make my views known. And, yesterday I got to share the important message about safe practice in newborn baby photography when I was interviewed live on BBC Radio Solent and on BBC Radio West Dorset.

It’s something I’ve been talking about a lot on here recently as I believe the safety of the baby MUST come first, and that newborns shouldn’t be put in danger for the sake of a photograph. All safety-trained professional photographers know this of course, but parents using newborn photographers don’t necessarily realise how complex poses are created. So, I wanted to do my bit to increase awareness.


I arrived at the Bournemouth International Centre early yesterday morning and was chaperoned to the unmanned studio based there, shortly afterwards to be linked to Julian Clegg and his team who were broadcasting live from Southampton. Eek! At this point the nerves really set in!

Julian was great though and, after a friendly introduction, gave me five minutes of airtime to discuss how newborn photography can be practiced safely and to explain how posed shots, like the ‘head in hands’ shot is created using digital imagery techniques. The subject sparked a bit of controversy as not everyone is a fan of newborn photography of course but, as I stressed in the interview, I prefer the more natural baby poses myself although am trained and able to safely create the composite images such as the head in hands if a parent requests it.

newborn baby safety

I had a second interview on BBC Radio West Dorset as well, and have also recently been featured in the Bournemouth Daily Echo.

newborn baby

I hope that my small part in spreading awareness about this important issue helps to keep more babies safe during their newborn photoshoots.

Until next time,

Karen x