Newborn photoshoot with a difference

September and October are always notoriously busy months for me, and this year has been no different.

It’s funny really. The Office for National Statistics last year confirmed that September is the most popular birth month throughout England and Wales. Babies are most likely to be conceived around Christmas it seems!

So, again this autumn, I’ve had the chance to meet so many gorgeous newborn babies and I’ve really been enjoying my work.

Newborn photography at the family home

One of the newborn photoshoots that I’ve done recently was quite different to the rest.

I actually photographed the baby in her family home rather than have the family visit me at my photography studio in Poole.

It was a really fun and relaxed session. I’m really proud of the photos and I’ll show you some of the highlights here.

Newborn portraits with a difference

The Griffiths family are a gorgeous bunch and are long-standing clients of mine.

I photographed their older son Theo as a newborn baby. At six months old I did a photoshoot with him outdoors. And, as a one-year-old, I photographed him  surrounded by the family’s three Rottweiler’s, deep within the New Forest!

newborn photoshoot with a difference

So, after the recent birth of their daughter Freya I knew that they would want newborn portraits, but with a twist.

And since I love trying out new things I was really excited about the chance to do a home-based newborn photoshoot.

I’ve recently photographed a birth at a client’s home and, of course, I love photographing outdoors too, so I know it would turn out great.

Home-based newborn photoshoot

I had the opportunity to work within the light and airy rooms of the family’s fabulous Victorian home.

The objective of the shoot was to capture natural portraits of baby Freya while she was awake.

I was also asked to take photographs of her with her older brother, and several family shots in a relaxed, un-posed style.

I’m pleased to report that Freya was an absolute delight for the entire session. It was lots of fun doing a newborn photoshoot at a client’s home, and I was thrilled with the results.

newborn photography with a difference

The relaxed feel that I strive to create in all my sessions really did translate across to a home-setting.

To see how calm and enjoyable my newborn photography sessions really are, take a look at my newborn photography video here 

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Until next time,
Karen x