Mummy! Daddy! Watch me grow!

We all know that kids grow up fast. But as a new parent, try as hard as you might, it’s often impossible to keep track of it all amid the madness that comes along with a newborn! Many of the parents I meet say that they aim to keep a regular photographic record of their baby’s growth, particularly in the babys first year.

babys first year

But while cameras on smartphones are getting better these days, and parents may take lots of photos quickly and easily without the need for specialist equipment, at home very few manage to get the quality photographs they want. Particularly photos – like those done by professionals – that are worthy of hanging on the walls at home, or giving away as gifts to friends and family.

baby on an acoustic guitar

Of course, there’s the lighting to consider, the background, the props and the overall composition of the photo. Also a newborn baby is harder to pose than may be presumed and an older baby often won’t stay in the pose or position you’d like, nor look to camera, so it can become a bit of a challenge!

Because of this I offer ‘Watch Me Grow’ sessions. These have become a real hit with parents because the package includes a newborn photoshoot at my Poole-based studio, ideal for when baby is just days or weeks old, plus an additional two photoshoots to be held at any time during the babys first year.

So by booking a Watch Me Grow package you are certain to get the professional photos you desire, while keeping tabs of their incredible development in their first year and without the hassle of trying to do it yourself at home. Plus from each session I provide 20-30 edited images on a private online gallery, and then the final images selected from the gallery are supplied a disc. So printing those photos you want for your home or as gifts is a doddle!

If you’re interested in booking a Watch Me Grow session, or have any questions, I’d love to hear from you!