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Testimonials for my training and mentoring service

I have received many superb testimonials from photographers who have used my mentoring services, and I include several of them, in full, here for your information:

Victoria Mackenzie: "I have done both a 2-2-1 and 1-2-1 with Karen and both have been fantastic. She really sets out to teach you the specific areas you want to concentrate on and does so with a relaxed and professional manner. The information I have taken from both courses has been invaluable and I have gone home feeling newly inspired. I cannot recommend Karen enough."

Emily Bishop: "So…………..Posing a newborn must be easy right? Well that’s what most people think and I guess to some extent I thought that too! Yes I teach photography and yes I love it but when I get the question…’you’re a photographer you must be great a photographing babies and newborns, you can take pictures of mine!’….my reaction was ‘yes sure maybe one day!’.  I have to be honest I love what I do but this was one area that I had no experience at all and it really scared me.

I wanted to venture out and try it for myself and after researching I could only really find group training for newborns and with my limited experience I didn’t want to look like a rabbit in the headlights! I finally came across Karen Wiltshire photography and I noticed that someone had written a note about how her training was excellent and how she was so warm and welcoming. After contacting Karen and realising I could do a 1:1 session with her all day, I became very excited but also very nervous.

On arrival Karen was so inviting and made me feel at ease which is just what you want when you don’t know what to expect. Karen’s studio is beautiful, I have been to quite a few photography studios and she has created a stunning space with areas for all eventualities to be catered for including a feeding area, changing area, props section, tea and coffee stand and most importantly the main posing areas. It is so lovely for parents and family to come in and observe excellent photography and to feel save in the environment with someone they can trust.


I can honestly say that I learnt so much in one day. Karen took me through every step from setting up my camera, adjusting lighting, getting the baby to sleep and safety when posing. When the first baby arrived and Karen started putting her to sleep, inside I was dying thinking I will have to do this later and I knew I would have to remember as much as possible. I was always in fear of doing things wrong but Karen just kept going with me and she gave me the confidence to move baby quickly and securely into position to get the shots needed. Time went so quickly and before we knew it the next mum was in with her baby boy ‘Oscar’. Karen talked about so many different experiences you could come up against with newborns and I really felt like she was trying to give me as much knowledge as she could in the short time we had.

The scary part finally came and it was my turn to put baby to sleep and put him in position and the fact is…well you just have to do it! Karen was a great teacher, she made me take control and do it on my own. She really stepped back and directed me through it. Reflecting on my time now I can remember a lot more than I could when I was posing baby and it has been an amazing experience I will never forget.

At the end of the day we spent a good hour or so talking about photography, the future and questions I felt I needed answers to so I could get started with my future business. It was really lovely to be able to open up to someone without feeling judged. I have come away from this experience feeling so positive and excited for the future. I feel I can do this and when I do, I will make sure that I do it to the best of my ability. The most important thing that I learnt from Karen was to be confident and if anything she has instilled this within me for the future. Thank you.