Once again, bluebell season has now come and gone. I’m really sad as i love bluebells for location photography.

Since the end of April I have had weeks of fun visiting my local bluebell woods, taking portraits of my clients and their families.

So today I wanted to share some of the portraits that I have taken recently, among the beautiful bluebells.

These include an extra special image of a gorgeous newborn sleeping peacefully among the bluebells – not something that you see every day!

Hopefully these give you inspiration for what’s possible in these lovely spring and summer months. If you fancy something similar do get in touch to find out more about my outdoor photography service.

Bluebells at Pamphill

2 boys in Bluebell woods

There is a wonderful bluebell copse in nearby Wimborne Minster, here in Dorset, and it’s a favourite haunt of mine in the springtime.

It’s one of the many stunning locations throughout Dorset and Hampshire that I use regularly when doing my outdoor lifestyle photography.

The blanket of colour created by the swathes of delicate bluebells is absolutely gorgeous. Every year I look forward to visiting.

There’s a window of around six weeks when the bluebells are in full bloom. Sadly the season has just finished for another year, but I’m delighted with the portraits I’ve taken and my clients have been too.

Young girls in Bluebell woods

If you go down to the woods today…

This portrait of a gorgeous newborn baby sleeping among the bluebells wasn’t a private commission; more of a personal project.

location photography

When I have some free time, I like to try out new things and this year I thought it would be wonderful to develop my location photography portfolio by taking some outdoor photos of a newborn. This time, in the local bluebell woods.

So I went along to Pamphill with a good friend of mine, Samira. She’s also a newborn photographer.

It was a fairly warm day but we ensured that the baby was nice and cosy with the help of a heat pad hidden from view, and plenty of blankets. She slept the whole time, bless her, so was clearly oblivious to her starring role in this rather unusual photoshoot!

I took the image from low down, shooting through the leaves to create a misty effect at the front. Then, just a few tweaks in Photoshop were needed to sort out the wonky headband and some stray bluebells. And, voila!

We were delighted with how the images turned out, and they were even included in the Daily Echo!

Enduring appeal

Seems the bluebells never lose their appeal! They are gorgeous, dawn or dusk.

Girl reading in bluebell woods

I, for one, can’t wait for next spring so I can take more lifestyle portraits out in the bluebell woods.

Where are your favourite places to view bluebells? Do let me know in the comments.

Karen x