Life after redundancy, today is the 4th anniversary of my being made redundant from my “job for life” at a large magazine printing company here in Poole. So after 23 years working at the same place I said goodbye to friends and colleagues at the factory in Dorset; best years of my life spent printing the glossy magazines we all love to read so I thought at the time. Having emptied my desk in anticipation of leaving it took another 3 months for consultation to end, finally being released on the 11th of February 2011, my husband’s birthday.

On the 12th February 2011, I became a full-time photographer, my head full of hopes and dreams for the future mixed with a fear of the unknown we all face once in a while. Having earmarked a chunk of my redundancy settlement to convert our large garage into a bespoke studio at home in Broadstone, I set about filling it with lighting, backdrops and props. I took a whole year to find my way into the Newborn photography world I’m so well known for now, starting with a training workshop on newborn posing in Jan 2012 followed quickly by a couple more, including the Baby Whisperer Academy that I’m now part of as a trainer myself.

dad holding baby in black and white

During the last four years I have learnt so much and my photography passion has grown beyond even my wildest dreams.

Someone once said to me at my old job “oh its all right for you you’ve got your husband’s wage and your hobby to fall back on, you’re lucky” It’s amazing how lucky I became the harder I worked!

toddler smiling at the camera

I’ve had so many amazing things happen to KW Photography in such a short space of time, including featuring not once but twice in the Daily Mail with my Newborn Photography gaining my Craftsman qualification in studio portraiture, as well as being awarded two Photographer of the Year titles with the Guild of Photographers

Being mentored by the amazing Damian McGillicuddy who showed me how to make my business work and helped me continue to grow and flourish. Working for a massive UK Baby Brand MAMUK, capturing their products in use. But the most amazing thing of all has to be meeting all the gorgeous Newborns, Children and Parents who come to the studio every day.

life after redundancy

I’ve even have an article about me being printed right now, ready to be published and of all things printed in the very factory where I used to work, how amazing is that…who’d have thought it?

This year will bring a few more changes for the future, including my husband being made redundant in the very new future. This is terrifying and exciting in equal measures and I can genuinely say hand on heart whilst its scary facing the unknown I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Follow your dreams, they can become reality.

Bye for now

Karen x