If I’ve ever photographed you, your newborn baby or your family here in my photography studio in Poole, you’ll perhaps remember that I use a variety of printed floors and backdrops.

A new photography backdrop collection

Well, up until recently, I’ve always purchased printed backdrops. But, I was beginning to find it a struggle to find designs and colours that I liked.

So now, I’m incredibly excited to reveal that I have designed my very own – the Karen Wiltshire Photography collection!

In collaboration with the brilliant team at Baby Prop Shop, I have created a custom range of my very own, and I’m pleased to tell you that it’s selling really well!

Professional photographers across the UK and abroad are seemingly loving the unique designs, which I created, hand-painted and photographed myself, and are buying it to use in their own studio sessions!

Why photography backdrops?

Photography backdrops are an essential piece of kit in my work as a studio photographer. I use them interchangeably in order to create a variety of photographs during your studio session.

The fabric backdrops are used to create the appearance of a textured or coloured floor and back wall, and they come in thousands of different colours.

They are used by photographers, like me, all around the world. They are a practical and safe way to create a number of different looks for studio portrait sessions.

The photography backdrops I choose for each session depends on the look and feel of the portraits that I’m aiming to create – whether that’s an indoor maternity session, a child portrait session, a cake smash or a family portrait session.

If I’m doing a newborn session, I’ll carefully coordinate my backdrops with my props, blankets and newborn baby hats and outfits.

My clients also sometimes tell me that they want me to incorporate particular colours into their photos. If that’s the case, I’ll select a backdrop that will coordinate with the colour scheme of the room at home where they are planning to display the portraits.

The Karen Wiltshire Photography backdrop collection

The Karen Wiltshire Photography range was something I created using painted, wide wooden planks – a look that I love and is perfect for newborn and baby photography in particular.

And because of the excellent print quality, there are lots of features and textures to make the planks look as realistic as the real thing. But with the additional benefit of the photographer not having to use real wooden boards that could trap tiny fingers and toes or give off splinters.

Ask me about my new photography backdrops when you’re next in the studio!

When I set out as a professional photographer seven years ago, I never dreamt of having my own backdrop collection which would be selling internationally! But, there we are…it’s happened!

If you’re coming to me for a studio portrait session anytime soon and want to know more, be sure to ask me about my collection of photography backdrops and I’ll gladly show you the range.

I have the full collection which includes six coloured designs in my studio, and of course, I love using them in my sessions! Colour-wise, there’s everything from a whitewash colourway to a green-blue teal, through to a muted dark wood.

To view the full collection of Karen Wiltshire Photography backdrops that I’ve designed, do visit the Baby Prop Shop website.

To enquire or to book a studio portrait session with me, whether for yourself, your family or a friend, please complete this contact form. I look forward to hearing from you!

Karen x