Today I thought I’d ask you the question – how far would you travel to have a baby photography session?

baby oscars

The reason I ask is that I’ve noticed that my clients are travelling to me from increasing distances, and I wondered what the general consensus was about ‘how far is too far’.

At one time the majority of my clients were local to Dorset. Or they would travel up to an hour to visit me at my Poole-based photography studio.

Now they are travelling from much further afield.

From places such as Swindon, Reading, Bognor Regis, London, and other locations across the counties of Hampshire, Surrey, Kent, and Berkshire.

I’m very flattered, or course!

It seems that I am being chosen to photograph newborn babies despite the distance families need to travel, which is fantastic!

If you are one of these clients then I’d like to use this opportunity to say thank you!

I’m very grateful and honoured that you chose me as your newborn photographer and came to visit me, here in Poole.

Baby photography clients from other continents!

Recently one family had even travelled from India to have their Cake Smash photographed by me, during a visit to their extended family in the UK!

baby photography session

Plus I have just taken a booking from a family living in Qatar!

Although clients travelling from another continent for my baby photography services is more an anomaly than the norm, there is a definite trend for people to be travelling greater distances to have me photograph their families.

KW Photography: A newborn photography specialist

So, why the change? Well, I imagine it’s a result of the increased visibility of the KW Photography brand online.

During the five years I have been in business I have established a reputation as a newborn photography specialist, and have won many awards for my work.

I’m sure social media is also playing a part.

I currently have more than 50,000 followers of my KW Photography Facebook page, and I recently gained a lot of new national and international followers when my first birthday cake smash video that went viral!

(If you missed that, do check out the video here).

newborn photography workshop

When I ask them, families also tell me that they are discovering my baby photography session after having seen an article about me in the media.

How far did you travel to visit me for your newborn baby’s portraits?

And if you are local to me, would you have been prepared to come from further afield?

I’d love to know your thoughts!

Karen x