I’ve photographed over 1000 newborn babies in my career as a professional newborn photographer. And I’m one of the longest-established in the Bournemouth and Poole areas – I opened my photography studio doors to clients back in 2011.

So, it would be fair to say that I know my stuff when it comes to handling and photographing newborn babies!

Answering parent’s questions about professional baby photography

But as a parent-to-be, I realise that you might not know the first thing about newborn photography. So, you’ll likely have lots of questions that you want answering before you book. Am I right?

Read on and I’ll address some of the common concerns about newborn photography.

Whether you know a little or a lot about baby portrait photography, my aim here is to share some useful information. I hope to put your mind at ease about the whole process.

Choosing a newborn photographer

I realise that committing to a professional photographer and to a newborn photography session is not a decision you take lightly.

As first-time parents or as a parent who has never booked a newborn photographer before, it’s only natural to have concerns.

After all, this is an experience you’ve never had before, and the not-knowing part can be stressful. Especially when what we’re talking about here is you choosing someone – essentially, a stranger – to handle your precious newborn bundle.

Being literally just a few days old, this little person is your most prized possession in the world. So, quite rightly, you and your partner are going to want assurances that picking me as your newborn photographer is the right decision.

So, let’s get started!

Common concerns about newborn photography

In my experience, these are the most frequently asked questions I get from parents who are new to newborn photography:

  1. What happens if my baby won’t sleep?
  2. What happens if my baby poos/wees?
  3. What happens if the baby needs feeding during the photoshoot?
  4. What do I need to do during the photoshoot?
  5. Can I bring my toddler and/or family member?

There are lots of other questions, of course. Many of which I answer on my Frequently Asked Questions page, so do also take a visit there as well.

But, firstly…

Your questions about newborn photography answered

  1. What happens if my baby won’t sleep?

I allow up to four hours for newborn sessions, so there is plenty of time to get the sleeping baby pictures you are after, even if your baby isn’t feeling sleepy when you first arrive.

Newborns sleep for most of the day in the weeks after they are born, so this really isn’t something to worry about! And it can be lovely to get some wide awake, eyes-open images anyway.

I’ve also got some tried and tested ways of getting babies to sleep – I’m to known as the Baby Whisperer for nothing! In fact, the Daily Mail newspaper ran this feature on me and my baby whispering techniques!

  1. What happens if my baby wees/poos during the photoshoot?

This is another thing that you really shouldn’t worry about!

You’ll have noticed that babies are naked during their photo session, and I photograph them when they aren’t wearing a nappy.

What you may not have realised is that I place a nappy loosely on their bottom for the duration of the shoot, removing it just before the photo is taken and popping it back on afterwards. That way, we can capture any poo or wee as it happens.

That said, it’s common for a baby to wee or poo on the floor, in my arms, or when being photographed and it’s honestly not a problem!

Everything I use in the studio is washable and gets cleaned after each session anyway. And I have plenty of wipes, anti Bac lotion and fresh blankets and wraps to use if any get wet or dirty.

  1. What happens if the baby needs feeding during the photoshoot?

Your baby WILL need feeding during the session, and that’s totally fine!

Remember to bring their milk, or feel free to breastfeed in my studio. I have a breastfeeding cushion available for you to use and comfy chairs.

The important thing for you to realise is that all my newborn photoshoots are done to suit your baby. I take regular breaks and work around your baby’s feeding schedule.

So, please feed your baby as normal ahead of the session. But I will be needing you to feed them throughout as well, to encourage them to drop off to sleep so that I can get those adorable sleeping baby photographs that you want.

A newborn session lasts up to four hours as a lot of time is required to settle the baby to sleep and move them into position to be photographed. If your little one is fed and sleepy when you arrive, then we can potentially obtain more photographs in the time available.

  1. What do I/we need to do during the photoshoot?

The answer to that is…not a lot!

In some cases, I ask parents to sit close by to the baby as a safety precaution. But usually, the photoshoot is a time when you can actually kick-back and relax as I will soothe the baby and settle them into position ready for photographing.

Most parents really enjoy watching the process and some even get the chance to have a short snooze!

  1. Can I bring my toddler, partner and/or another family member?

The answer to this is yes.

While some mummies come alone with their baby, some parents also come together. After all, the newborn session takes place in the first couple of weeks after your baby is born and daddies are usually on paternity leave.

It’s also certainly possible to bring along any other children that you have, and I understand that you may wish to get photos of your newborn alongside their older sibling(s). And it’s ok to bring along a grandparent, close friend or another family member if you would find that helpful too.

My new photography studio has a dedicated area for parents/family members to relax in while the photoshoot is taking place. All I ask is that you please aim to keep numbers to a minimum. And let me know in advance of the shoot who you plan to bring along with you so that I can plan the photoshoot accordingly and know who to expect on the day.

Do you have any other concerns about newborn photography?

So, they are the most common concerns about newborn photography that I find parents-to-be have when they get in touch to enquire about a newborn session.

What other questions or concerns do you have? Do please let me know in the comments below. And don’t forget to visit my Frequently Asked Questions page as well.

The whole process really isn’t something to worry about and I hope that by answering these questions I have been able to put your mind at ease.

Many parents, when they visit my studio, tell me that the experience was far more relaxing and enjoyable than they had anticipated. They admit that they stressed themselves out about the ‘what if’s’, but when they come for their session they realise that all the worry was for nothing!

To book a newborn photoshoot with me, please either call me on 07749270431 or complete this contact form to make an enquiry. 

Karen x