Being a newborn photographer is a brilliant job.

Those who know my story will know that I used to do something far different – I worked as a print manager for more than 20 years – and I’ve shared more details about how I became to be a newborn photographer in this blog.

But coming back to the day job, clients often tell me that they are curious about what it’s like to be a newborn photographer.

For me, of course, it’s the norm. But to most of my clients, my work is so far removed from that of their own professions that it leaves them wanting to know more about it.

So, what is it really like to be a newborn photographer?

Well, to answer that question, I thought I would share with you what I am really thinking during a typical newborn photography session.

  1. When nature calls…

The first thing to mention is that when working with babies and children, of course, I expect mess and little accidents!

The newborn babies I photograph are not clothed in order to capture all their gorgeous newborn features in the portraits, and this means that they are not wearing nappies for much of the session.

New parents usually dont have a newborn without a nappy. So naturally, parents can be a bit nervous when I’m resting their baby on one of my blankets, or when they are holding the baby who is in nothing but their birthday suit!

But honestly, I can safely say, I have seen it all before!

There is no need to be horrified when your little bundle of joy trickles out a wee (or even an explosive newborn poop!) mid-photoshoot. I’ve plenty of blankets (and replace them regularly), always have water wipes to hand, and expect these things to happen.

Your baby certainly isn’t the first to wee or poo on me, and they won’t be the last!

  1. All babies settle eventually

The second thing is that I think many new parents who come to me for photographs also worry that their baby is the most difficult baby I have ever worked with.

Again, believe me, even if they are more unsettled than most, it’s all part of my job so isn’t a problem!

You won’t need me to tell you that newborns are brand new to this world. Just when they are starting to get familiar with the smell of their new surroundings and of mum and dad, a strange lady in a photography studio starts holding them and moving them around!

It’s a whole new experience for your baby and therefore, of course, I expect every baby I work with to be unsettled initially.

You’ll be pleased to know, though, that I have been described as the ‘Baby Whisperer’. I have photographed over 600 babies and have bags of experience calming even the most unsettled newborns, as well as a few tricks up my sleeve if things don’t go to plan!

Really, a crying baby is NOT a problem. So don’t get stressed out by it. I will work around your baby, will settle them (eventually) and get the photos you are after in the end.

  1. A genuine love for babies

The final thing to say is that I literally love working with newborns and, well, children of all ages. A little bit of my heart really and truly does a leap every time I meet a new baby. They are just so adorable, and that love never seems to fade no matter how many babies I photograph!

I’m a mum of two myself and I can remember so clearly my own kids, Tom and Lizzie, being that small. But it’s crazy how fast time flies! And, I guess that’s partly why I love my job so much.

By photographing your newborn baby, I’m helping you to capture precious memories of this special time in your family’s life, so that you can treasure it forever.

I LOVE that about my job as a newborn photographer!

newborn photographer

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Karen x