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KW Photography's 6th Birthday.

Hey Everyone 

Today is a pretty special day, it's my Husband's birthday which is special enough, but also the day I was made redundant from my "job for life". I can't quite believe it's been 6 years already that I said good bye to friends and colleagues at Southern Print in Poole. Walking out of the factory for the last time, after 23 years, was both scary and life changing although back then I had no idea just how life changing that redundancy would be. 

Newborn Photography videoNewborn photography session video

I can say (hand on heart) that being made redundant was the very best thing that could have happened to me at that point in my life. I had a reasonably well paid, middle management job in Print which meant there was no way I'd have considered following my dream of being a family photographer. I was simply too comfortable, and too institutionalised to take the plunge and be my own boss. The only way I would have left is if they made me. Now I think I was lucky, yes very fortunate to be made redundant, but back then I was terrified and drowning in a sea of "what ifs".

My children were still young so the plus side was I could now spend more time with them. It was my time to focus on starting my business. I began by trying to work out what genre of photography I wanted to specialise in, and naturally being a Mum of two children meant that family photography was the first choice. I used some of my redundancy money to convert the garage into a studio and off I went. I was naive and a little clueless if I'm honest at the amount of work needed to get a successful business off the ground. In fact I spent the first year faffing about and ignoring the business side of things in order to be "creative'. Sadly I learnt in order to be creative I needed to pay the bills which meant I needed quickly get business savvy.

Family funFamily funBrother and sister pose for photos on the beach in Studland Dorset

So fast forward 6 amazing years; I have photographed over 600 newborns and lost count of the number of families I've seen come through the door. I've won many awards judged by my peers; been featured in national magazines and newspapers  and even had a viral cake smash video. I mean me, the person who 6 years ago was in her early 40's, scared of what the future may hold, wondering if i could really run my own business. Over the years I've had endless help from family and friends. My mentor, Damian has been awesome at keeping me focused on continually improving, and growing my business. Also I have to thank Zoe for her continued efforts behind the scenes and for all the lists she writes :) we all need a list writer in our lives! 

Outside familyOutside familyGreat way to relax kids is to take them outside for their photos . These twins and their older brother loved being on location

I guess what I'm trying to say is always believe in yourself and if the time is right, then follow your dreams. I am so grateful I've had the opportunity to do so, and have such amazing clients. Thank you!     

So, February the 11th will always be special, not only is it my Husband's birthday but it's "Follow your Dreams" day for me.

Bye for now

Karen xx  


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