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Two little boys: Dorset location photo shoot

Hey everyone!

Wow, the summer holidays have been filled with fields of flowers and girls in pretty dresses which got me thinking about locations for boys.

What could I offer for the boys? 

Well, we are blessed with some fantastic locations here in Dorset. Gorgeous open countryside and, of course, a fantastic coastline with the infamous Sandbanks just down the road from my studio here in Poole.

The beach is super busy here in the summer so is not the best place to try to get some great photos unless you go later in the day. But that's not always the best time with little one's bedtime to think about. 

I was wracking my brain when it occurred to me that literally five minutes from the studio, in Broadstone, is a beautiful patch of woodland with a stream. It's perfect for splashing in. With the stream being only a few inches deep, it's great for tots to splash in too! Boys photoshoot Look we can sail awayBrothers playing in the stream , Sailing away in a little tin tub. Location photoshoot Dorset So, late one afternoon we set off with two excited boys a tin bath and some yellow wellies to try out the location. Wow! It worked a treat!

Off the boys went into the water. Trouble is  that I hadn't thought through the location, and guess where I needed to be to get the best shot?

Yup, you guessed it... in the water with them! (This photography malarky isn't for the faint-hearted and my Birkenstock sandals will never be quite the same again!)

But to get the shots I was after, it was the only place to be. So there I was, kneeling in the water. But it was worth the soggy trousers!

The boys absolutely loved it. They ran and splashed and had the best time, just being boys. 

I'd brought along a few props - the tin tub and a super little vintage pond boat I'd been itching to use since finding it in a junk store. The boys were delighted. The boat was officially a hit. 

The tin tub, on the other hand, needed a bit of steadying to stop it from floating off down the stream. But Arthur's big brother was on hand to help him and they loved "sailing" the tub.

What a fantastic location! Everything a little boy needs; a woodland to run in and a stream to splash in. I loved this pair's lifestyle location photoshoot. I think they did too. 

I'd even packed a towel for the boys. So after splashing it was a quick towel dry, change of clothes and they were happy again, charging around the woods!  So if you are on the lookout for some lovely playful, natural photos of your children then why not book a location photoshoot with me?

You get to have a giggle if I end up in the stream again too - always an added bonus! 

Bye for now (drying out my sandals still) 

Karen x


Jane Elizabeth(non-registered)
Spectacular photos! Looks like you’ve captured some incredible memories. Dorset is such a beautiful place in the world, especially in summer – so it’s great to be making the most of it by spending time outdoors, absorbing all its natural glory.
Beautiful photos. Karen is so brilliant at capturing the most beautiful images of babies and children alike. Timeless and priceless.
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