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The Art of Newborn Photography

I’m not boasting when I say that I know a thing or two about handling babies.

I’ve worked with literally hundreds of them, typically when they are aged less than 14 days old.

Simply stunning sleeping baby boySimply stunning sleeping baby boyHow adorable are simple natural sleeping baby photos

Since establishing my portrait photography business in 2012 (you can read more about my story here), I have actually developed a reputation as a ‘baby whisperer’!

Parents are often surprised at how successful I am at soothing and posing even the most unsettled newborn baby during a photo shoot.

The evolution of newborn photography

The look I aim to achieve in my newborn work is the “sleeping baby” pose. It’s this which epitomises the ‘art of newborn photography’.

Sleeping Beauty Newborn Baby GirlSleeping Beauty Newborn Baby GirlSuper sleepy newborn with cute bonnet hat on

Newborn photography has been popular for decades.

It first became popular in the USA thanks to photographer Anne Geddes. You might recall her photo calendars that were all the rage in the 1990s?

Since then its appeal has grown and grown. Now parents the world over love the timeless beauty of newborn photography.

Newborn JackNewborn JackBeautiful Newborn at KW Photography Poole Dorset

Art of newborn photography

But try as some parents might, it is virtually impossible to create quality images, similar to those created by professionals, at home.

There truly is an art to newborn portraiture; in the posing of the child and the considered use of lighting and props.

Guitar NewbornGuitar NewbornSleepy Newborn on Daddy's guitar.

It is not enough to simply pick up a camera and snap away, without professional training or experience handling young babies.

Safety is paramount

With subjects as small and fragile as newborns, it is paramount that newborn photographers are professionally trained, and also insured, to ensure the safety of the baby at all times.

(I’ve previously written on the importance of safety in newborn photography here).  

Newborn HammockNewborn HammockBaby in a hammock , this is done safely in photoshop

My credentials in newborn photography

I have trained with many of the world’s leading professional newborn photographers and have worked for many years now developing and perfecting my unique style.

I am one third of the Baby Whisperer Academy which teaches aspiring newborn photographers the skills and techniques used to create beautiful newborn portraits. Plus I am also a photography trainer and mentor to private clients.

Daddy likes RugbyDaddy likes RugbyBaby on Rugby ball, this shot was composed safely and the baby was never left unattended

I am also an Ambassador of BANPAS (the Baby and Newborn Photographers Association) which works to promote best practice in newborn photography.

Newborn photography gallery

Want to know more? My newborn gallery features lots of examples of my creative baby photography.

Beautiful Baby boy and his teddyBeautiful Baby boy and his teddyNewborn boy at KW Photography, great selection of props and backdrops to choose from

Also, if you’d like to know more about what to expect at a newborn photoshoot with me, check out my frequently asked questions page or view my video:

Newborn Photography videoNewborn photography session video

And, of course, if you’ve a baby on the way and want some gorgeous newborn photos of your own, please get in touch!

Karen x


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