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Whats in my Baby Photography editing tool box??

Hey Everyone, the weather is warming up and we are all wanting to spend more time in the great outdoors....well as photographers in our head we think we should be outside more but the reality is we spend a huge proportion of our time sat at our computers editing Baby Photographs . Its not at all glamorous , edit flakey baby skin, runny noses and baby spots. 

So I'm always trying to help speed up that editing process and over the years have spent a small fortune on photoshop actions to help me edit those problem areas that newborn baby photographers face like purple hands and feet or the dreaded jaundice. The fact is i have so many photos actions that are simply useless or too complicated to use and never deliver the look you want that i generally am pretty wary when parting with my hard earn pennies.  I try my very best to get it right in camera so i spend as little time as possible in photoshop but sometimes nature needs a helping hand! 

So, i saw some rave reviews about the newborn editing actions from Lemon Sky Photography and i thought i'd get just one more action set in the hope that they actually deliver. Well i can say hand on heart they do exactly what they say on the tin to coin a phrase. I've had some baby's with shocking baby acne and bad bruising to edit lately and the Frequency Separation action is great, simple to use and comes with clear instructions to demystify the process completely. I'd recommend the action set on that alone, but it doesn't stop there oh no theres lots of great actions to play to combat all the newborn baby editing challenges. 

This photo of the gorgeous Harper was edited completely using the Lemon Sky set. Im a convert for sure, now hopefully i can get out in the garden too this summer. 

Here's the finished photo ready to show Baby Harpers Mummy.

Bye for now and if you are a photographer like me that wants to enjoy the summer, be sure to check out LSP Actions



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Very well displayed. Thanks for the post. It was very interesting. And the baby was also very cute. Thanks
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Baby photography editing is really awesome texture. It is really beautiful. Thank you so much for your remarkable post.
Solaiman Hossain(non-registered)
How beautiful baby photographs you have captured and published . I admire your images , thanks .
Really Excellent. Thanks Karen to share awesome click.

I make this review to your FB Page.
Wow Karen thank you for such a wonderful review! X
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