Newborns in Colour or Black and White

What makes a great Black and White?

It struck me today that most people love a good black and white photo but actually if they are choosing individual photos for their Usb then they rarely pick the B&W one and choose the colour version.

I wonder why this is as some newborn shots just lend themselves to be in B&W whist others just don't work so well. When i create a gallery i will convert the photos to Black and White that i feel are the best suited to that treatment. Now i don't just turn the colour slider down, nope there quite a lot that goes into making an image in B&W i have specialist software that actually helps make an image pop in monotone and not look a sort of washed out grey that most people would be able to achieve . So do you choose the colour and then try to convert it yourself ?

I guess if i didn't understand the process i would just assume a photographer just presses a button in photoshop to get a black and white image...well we dont.

I always say to my clients if you want a particular photo in B&W then let me know and i will convert it for you so you get a good photo and not a meh grey one, and I'm sure any other photographer would tell you the same.

Heres todays Black and white Newborn shot, Daddy came along after a night shift with Baby M and i love both versions of this so you decide.......................Colour or Black and White?


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