Cake Smash Fun, in Poole Dorset

Cake smashes…I love photographing them!

A cake smash photo shoot, usually held to celebrate a birthday, is great messy fun for everyone. It’s a chance for your little one to go wild, with the added bonus that it’s done in my studio so you won’t have any cleaning up to do afterwards! What’s not to love?!

Originally favoured in the US and now increasingly popular over here, a cake smash is a studio-based photo session in which your angelic-looking child gradually demolishes a colourfully decorated giant cupcake, while I capture all the action. It’s a fun way to celebrate their birthday – whether it be their first or second – and of course the resulting photographs are a great memento to them reaching this wonderful milestone.

Bournemouth Boy's themed Cake SmashBournemouth Boy's themed Cake SmashBeautiful themed bright cake smash

Even the most subdued child has been known to go completely bonkers when given the chance to smash up cake, and this leads to some fantastic photos and lets their little personalities shine through! The cake smash photos are ideal as gifts as well as for your walls at home and your personal photo album.

Every cake smash is different and you may choose from a variety of themes. So if your little one is mad on pirates, cowboys, or super heroes for example, we can use that as a theme and this will be carried through everything; the cake, the costume and the photo backgrounds.  Alternatively it can be a princess or ballet theme perhaps, or simply themed around colours, spots, stripes or stars. Simply let me know your preference at the time of booking and I will do my very best to cater to your wishes.

Costume accessories are included in the price (although feel free to bring your own if you would prefer) and I have a full range of cute and colourful hats, outfits, vintage ruffle rompers, tutu dresses and bunting which I’ve sourced to make your cake smash that bit extra special.

The photo shoot begins with a few normal photos of your baby, we use the letters "ONE" its a great way to get some fab fun photos. 

Then I bring out the cake…!

I source a gorgeous looking (and tasting!) giant cupcake from a professional local supplier  who can bake to any special dietary requirements.  (Please let me know of any allergies at the time of booking).

Be prepared though. Cake gets in the hair, between the toes, everywhere! Which is why I also include a clean-up as part of the session. I have a small enamel bath which I use after the actual cake smash, which has the advantage of providing a means to get your cake-smashing monster back to their squeaky clean, gorgeous former self AND for me to capture more photos of them playing with the water and bubbles. Which can only mean one thing: more fun for baby, and more wonderful photos for you.

Parents, also come prepared to get messy! You’ll need to be actively involved in the shoot and may well get covered in cake yourselves. Perhaps bring spare clothes to change into afterwards just in case! No need to bring towels though, and the cake, costume and accessories are also all included in the package price.

Bath time blissBath time blissPost Cake smash fun, super splashing after the cake smash

A cake smash costs £250 and includes the one hour session at my studio in Poole, the giant cupcake, the professional editing of around 20-30 final images from each session and then you can choose ten high-resolution pictures on a disc. The session fee of £50 is due at the time of booking. The £200 balance is payable at the session

Lets Get Smashing.


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